Crossing Borders Studio Tour 2014 Artists Dan and Lee Ross

Dan & Lee Ross

Clay and stone sculptors Dan and Lee Ross have been making a living with their work for more than 30 years. Living on Lake Superior has provided their palette of forms and colors, which they derive from observing the shifting ice sheets, dramatic red-iron cliffs and boulder-strewn shoreline. They have exhibited their work throughout the United States, winning numerous awards along the way.

Dan and Lee work on a wide range of sculpture, from large-scale commissions carved out of granite to small hand-held pieces made out of clay. Some people have described their work as contemporary, yet ancient.

Come meet with Dan and Lee in their home-turned-gallery for 10 days a year during the Crossing Borders Studio Tour. Their home overlooks Lake Superior. Enjoy a crackling fire, warm cookies just out of the oven, fresh brewed coffee, sculpture by Dan and Lee, and prints by Lee. See where their inspiration stems from.

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